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The Brands We Choose + Why | Mud + Otis

by Michelle Joyce, owner of The Copper Bowl Studio.

Located 60 Victoria Street West, Unit C, Alliston, Ontario.

One thing I absolutely love about Mud + Otis is that Taygen, the young wild flower beauty behind the business studied aesthetics and understands the skin. Taygen approached me when we were opening the store, her baby Jasper only weeks old held securely in a snuggly against her chest. She left us, my husband Kevin and I with a wonderful impression. Taygen had such sound knowledge of the ingredients she uses and chose for her products. We discussed what the products were good for, their appropriate uses and therapeutic benefits.

When choosing a skincare product line to offer at Copper Bowl, this was an important factor. It had to meet a very specific criteria and be of a high quality product line that was made of natural, organic + ethically curated ingredients that is safe and effective for the skin.

Mud + Otis, is a small home based business with Taygen who has hands on knowledge, an understanding of the skin and the purpose behind the skincare + its ingredients with the years of experience to back it. The skin is our largest organ and what we put on it is so very important. This is why after trying the products for myself, experiencing how lush the soaps are, gentle and lovely the facial skin oils and cleaners were ... it

was not a hard decision to make. We couldn't wait to stock her beautiful and luxurious products on the shelves to offer the CB Living Co. community.

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