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How to care for your soap

Bar soaps are a holy grail product for those who appreciate a natural, sustainable, and eco friendly products that not only cleanses but also nourishes your skin.

Our soaps are packaged with paper bands. But you can often find them without any packaging and once they are used up, they’re done. No bottles or pumps or lids to recycle or trash. No waste. It’s pretty amazing. However, these wonderful creations do require a little bit of care to get the most use out of them.

First up, soap dishes. I personally think the best soap dish is one you already have. You don’t have one lying around? This is the perfect time to use unused jewelry dishes, a small fancy plate, empty candle jars, empty jam jars... I use an old candle jar + a dish I found at the thrift store. When I’m travelling I use my candy tin or cotton bag when dry.

But what’s more important than where you place your soap? It’s how you keep your soap dry when not in use… a constantly wet soap bar that doesn’t have time to dry out and becomes mushy and won’t last long. In the shower I use a sisal soap saver for my body soap to help exfoliate my skin, keep my bar hung up and dry between use, and to corral small soap cuts together.

Also, I always recommend cutting our bars because they're large. This way you aren’t getting the full bar completely wet. Simply, use a knife and cut the bar in to smaller pieces.

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