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papaya cleansing salt scrub

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

You need to slough off the old to make room for new growth.

Beyond exfoliating and eliminating dead skin cells, this salt scrub also helps unblock hair follicles, leaving you with smooth, soft skin that has a natural glow.

Sometimes it takes a few attempts to get used to the feeling of the salt scrub during exfoliating. To me it’s a ritual that I truly enjoy, and often makes me think of what else I need to get rid of. Getting rid of the layer of skin that no longer serves you is a great defect on the thoughts and emotional patterns that might also not be benefiting you.

infused with papaya extract, nourishing oils of mango and coconut, mineral salt, sea salt + himalayan salt. aromas of white grapefruit essential oil.

photo credit @slowonnsundays

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