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botanical muscle balm

botanical muscle balm

Botanical muscle balm quickly melts into your skin and can temporarily relieve pain from sore muscles, stiff joints, arthritis, muscle spasm, menstrual cramps and nerve pain. Soothing oils soften skin while the blend of herbs and essential oils gently warms, cools and stimulates circulation, to help relieve muscle tension and stiff joints. Textures and hues very as you use this product due to the raw ingredients used.


Key Ingredients


cayanne contains capsaicin, a natural anti-inflammatory that blocks a neurotransmitter that transmits pain signals from the nerves to the central nervous system; excites heat sensors in the skin to provide a soothing warm feeling to the skin and underlying tissue layers, great to use before exercising to warm and loosen muscles and joints


arnica's anti-inflammatory, analgesic, rubefacient, vulnerary; improves local blood supply to speed healing and relieve pain, inflammation, swelling, and bruising associated with traumatic injuries such as fractures, sprains, and contusions. invaluable ally for muscular aches and pains


st. johns wort has anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial, and anti viral properties. It helps ease minor burns, cuts and scrapes, nerve and muscle pain and inflammation


ginger antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, circulatory stimulant; warming; revs up circulation which reduces swelling and pain in joints, and relieves tension in tired muscles.


peppermint anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral; contains menthol, a common compound that helps reduce pain, relax the muscles and increase circulation to the affected area


eucalyptus anti-inflammatory; reduces inflammation; eases muscle and joint pain

  • Whole ingredients

     Vitellaria paradoxa(shea nut) butter, arnica montana(arnica) oil, cera alba(beeswax) local, hypericum perforatum(st. Johns wort) oil, matricaria chamomilla(chamomile) oil, salix(willow bark) extract, capsicum(cayenne pepper) extract, kaolin clay, curcuma longa(tumeric) essential oil, mentha × piperita(peppermint) essential oil, zingiber(ginger) essential oil, eucalyptus globulus(eucalyptus) essential oil, syzygium aromaticum(clove) essential oil, origanum vulgare(marjoram) essential oil

  • Ritual

    Capsaicin(cayenne) provides a temporary relief, so it must be applied a few times a day. Massage directly onto skin focusing on sore joints and muscles; use to soothe the everyday aches and pains. Apply enough to cover the painful area, and rub it in until it disappears. Wash your hands immediately to avoid getting it into your eyes, nose or mouth. Do NOT use on broken or irritated skin and avoid contact with eyes.

  • Disclaimer

    We always reccomend with a patch test, topical use only. Made with naturally derived ingredients, which in some cases may cause sensitivity in certain individuals. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. In an enviorment that uses tree nut oils.

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