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fruit enzyme antioxidant exfoliating mask
  • fruit enzyme antioxidant exfoliating mask

    Earth-derived ingredients that resurface skin texture and promote natural cell turnover


    Our antioxidant face mask is full of skin loving fruit extracts that gently exfoliate and deliver vitamins such as vitamin A,B, and C. Also contains natural alpha hydroxy acids.



    guava is high in vitamins A, B and C, reduces redness, itchiness and reduces signs of aging, reduces blemishes and calms the skin.


    papaya is rich in Vitamin A + C, increases the rate of cell formulation, and promotes elastin and collagen production. Papaya contains the proteolytic enzyme papain which helps to gently breakdown and digest large proteins that have accumulated on the skin. It's known as a "skin-debriding agent" for this reason, contributing to the breakdown of protein in the skin, helping to remove damaged skin cells, allowing the healthy tissue to heal. The papain found in papaya is attributed with soothing skin irritations and its anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal ingredient for acne and blemish-prone skin. Its natural and effective exfoliating properties brighten the skin by removing dead skin cells and flaky patches on the top layer of your skin. Papaya can also help with hyperpigmentation which can occur after breakouts, and can help the skin to recover after any scarring.


    pinapple contains natural alpha hydroxy acids, exfoliates, cleanses and invigorates the skin. helps to improve hydatrion and elasticity.


    seabuckthorn is known for its extraordinary healing properties, super source of vitamin C, helps to delay dermal aging. protects the skin from free radical damage, and combats skin irritations.


    coconut milk is a super hydrator, nutrient dense and the fat content helps smooth and lock in moisture.



    Suitable for all skin types, recommend 2 to 3 times a week masking ritual.

    • Whole ingredients

      coconut milk, coconut flour, kaolin clay, papaya fruit extract, seabuckthorn fruit extract, pineapple fruit extract, and guava fruit extract

    • Ritual

      In a small bowl, blend 1/4 teaspoon product with approximately two times water or raw honey. Mix ingredients until a paste forms, apply a thin layer to face. Let sit for up to 7-15 minutes, rehydrate with warm water and gently exfoliating using minimal pressure.  Rinse with water. 

      Recommend 2 to 3 times a week masking ritual. 

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