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our roots

My name is Taygen, owner of mud + Otis.  I was born and raised on a farm outside of Alliston, Ontario. As a child I grew up making mud pies, I loved being free and out into the wilderness. The mud pies escalated into mud soap I suppose. I studied the skin at Rinaldi’s College of Aesthetics. After Rinaldi’s I studied ingredients more in-depth and quickly realized I wanted to bring the beauty of the wildness to my skincare rituals. I spent many years making natural skincare products for myself and my family.


Mud + Otis is a business which started from the smallest corner of my mom and dads kitchen, the house I grew up in. Making natural skincare and hair products was something I always enjoyed, something I had so much passion for. Now it has grown into a promise to stay connected with nature and make the most nourishing, healing, natural and pure skincare products that our skin will love us for. Mud + Otis was officially born shortly after my first born Otis. My greatest inspiration in life is my babies Otis and Jasper and the beauty of mother nature and what it has to offer to us.



Mud + Otis is a small batch, natural skincare company created with the intention of connecting with mother nature, her slow pace, wild beauty and natural healing properties. She has so much to offer and feeds our skin with an abundance of nutrients and nourishing properties. Each product is handmade with raw, organic, natural, botanical and wildcrafted ingredients. Every product we offer is carefully formulated and made safe for you and your baby. We grow and source ethically grown organic materials, reducing our impact on the environment and making a huge impact on your skin. We make monthly batches to ensue our products are fresh.


Our hope is for you to find beauty of the wilderness in each and every product. 


 inspired by wild beauty

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